What Makes a Winning Exhibition Stand?

There are many factors that go into being successful at trade shows, from location to knowledgeable staff. An effective exhibition stand can make the difference between getting hundreds of leads or getting none at all. A winning exhibition stand attracts people, clearly informs visitors about products and services, increases brand awareness and results in gained business.

Not sure how to design a winning exhibition stand? Don’t worry! Here at House of Design (H.O.D. Co), we help businesses grow and stand out from the competition at trade shows across the UK, Europe and beyond. Here are our top tips for designing a winning exhibition stand.

Clear Branding

Ensure your exhibition stand is branded and clearly displays who you are and what you offer. Not only will people be more inclined to visit your stand if they know what you can provide, they will remember you. You want people to walk a way from your stand with a clear understanding of your business and how to recognize your brand.

Make sure your exhibition stand design is in line with your branding, considering fonts, colours and style. If you are giving out freebies, make sure these are branded too! That way, when someone goes to write with your pen, for example, they see your logo and remember who you are.

Make Use of Space

As long as you know the space restrictions of your plot, you can usually design your exhibition stand as you like.

Understand your plot and get to know its advantages and disadvantages. Can you have two walls? Is there a height restriction? How will visitors access your stand? Once you work out the logistics, you can design your dream exhibition stand.

Location is another key consideration when designing your winning exhibition stand. An ideal position is somewhere likely to receive a lot of footfall such as near the entrance, toilets, or café. No matter how great your stand is, if no one sees it, it won’t be effective. Try to access a floor plan early and get an optimum position.

Deliver Your Message

Much like your branding, you want to make your offering clear. Use simple wording, bold design, and smart layouts to ensure your message and offerings are signalled clearly to potential customers on your exhibition stand.

Remember that trade shows attract people already interested in a particular industry or area. Unlike general advertising made for the average consumer, trade show exhibiting can be tailored to specific audiences. Your exhibition stand doesn’t need to educate the masses on the area, instead it just needs to explain what you do and how you can help someone within that industry.

Make sure your offering is unique and clear. Stand out from the competition and attract those with interest in your industry.

Think Outside the Box

Standing out from the competition can be hard. Create a unique experience at your exhibition stand to not only entice visitors to pay you a visit, but also guarantee they stay around and learn about your business.

Whether you provide a chair and a drink to get people chatting, or an interactive experience, visitors will welcome the chance to get involved. If your budget is tight, come up with fun ways to enthuse visitors without breaking the bank.

Stand Quality

A winning exhibition stand is good quality and stands the test of time. You want to present your business in the best light, so why get something cheap? Reflect your brand’s professionalism and commitment to quality with your exhibition stand.

If your budget is smaller, or you’ve invested most of it in an ideal plot position, consider renting exhibition stands. Check out House of Design (H.O.D. Co)’s rental exhibition stands. We have a range of modular frameworks we can hire out to ensure you get stunning design at a price you can afford.

Reuse and Reconfigure

Make the most out of your winning exhibition stand by using it again and again. Travel to trade shows across the country with your ultimate exhibition stand and grow your audience.

Consider a modular exhibition stand, perfect for exhibiting in a variety of venues with varying requirements. You can adapt your exhibition stand to fit plots and suit the show. Invest in good quality materials and graphics to ensure your stand lasts.

Read our useful guide to finding the right exhibition stand for your business, or see our top tips for using modular exhibition stands here.

Design a Winning Exhibition Stand with House of Design (H.O.D. Co)

Here at House of Design (H.O.D. Co), we pride ourselves on our personalised approach, staying with you every step of the way. From initial consultation and design to installation at the exhibition hall, we ensure your exhibition stand is perfect for you. Our expert team handle creative design, sketching initial ideas, creating 3D rendered concept designs, and producing technical drawings.

Get in touch today and find out how House of Design (H.O.D. Co) can make your winning exhibition stand dreams become a reality.