Exhibition Stands Build

House of Design Company has several years of experience in exhibition stand building, exhibition affairs, and employs experienced and expert staff, and this company is proud to provide appropriate services with the highest quality and in the shortest time. Bold presence in domestic and foreign exhibitions by using an appropriate stand for their business activity is very important for the companies, so that by converting their stands to a special place, they can create the best influence for introducing their products and services.

Years of Experience

Multiple Departments at once

Exhibition stand building unit of this company includes sections such as orders, stand designing, stand building, execution, installation, and collection of the exhibition stands in the plan of the day of exhibition. The sheets are transferred from the warehouse to the plant based on the area of the stand, and cutting is done by advanced machines, and all the boxes are built, transferred to the exhibition site by the vehicles of HOD Company and they are mounted by the expert workers of the company in the shortest time.